About Us

AP Triton was founded in 2014 on the need to provide consulting services and support that had not previously existed in the Fire Service. With decades of hands-on operating experience in Fire Departments of all sizes, AP Triton is an industry leader well suited to address a broad range of city, county, special district, public agency, industrial, commercial, and private sector provider challenges with long term, creative and sustainable solutions.

Over the last six years, AP Triton has helped agencies across the country capture over $1.6 Billion and growing in additional revenue, which in turn has been reinvested back into the communities in the form of improved services, decreased response times, and increased safety measures.

Having completed hundreds of projects throughout United States, our consultants are industry experts in EMS optimization and feasibility studies, financial cost recovery, consolidations, fire station location and engineering studies, master plans, community risk assessments, standards of cover, strategic plans – all customized to meet our clients’ specific needs. 

We have extensive experience designing, implementing, and managing programs including valuing fire protection and EMS delivery systems, as well as intimate knowledge of state and federal cost-recovery programs, such as Ground Emergency Medical Transport (GEMT), Quality Assurance Fee (QAF), 1705, and Inter-Governmental Transfer (IGT).

Triton continues to provide leadership to the California Fire Chiefs Association (CalChiefs), California Metro Chiefs Association, Fire Districts of California, League of Cities, and California State Firefighters’ Association on legal and legislative issues on all EMS-related programs and challenges to the fire service provision of EMS in California. 


AP Triton has extensive background in the development and implementation of service fees, ambulance and EMS billing, data collection, quality improvement, compliance programs, and public-private partnerships.

Over the last two years, the firm has expanded the focus to provide high quality, specialized consulting services in the areas of Law Enforcement, Legislative Advocacy, Administrative Resources, Emergency Medical Services, Operations, , Cost Reporting, and Fire & Life Safety. 


AP Triton founding partners Kurt Henke and Scott Clough share more than sixty years of experience in the fire service. They started their careers as firefighters and worked their way to Fire Chief and Assistant Chief in one of the largest fire departments in California. Their experience has placed them in lead roles on numerous programs that involved cutting edge changes in fire service business practices on the local, state, and national levels. Together, as principals of the firm, they take a hands-on approach to the oversight and continued development of the work products and fostering of solid industry knowledge and supported relationships.