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Missouri GEMT

Welcome to the AP Triton/Missouri GEMT website. AP Triton under contract with the Missouri Fire Chiefs has been working for the last several years with the State of Missouri to create a Medicaid supplemental reimbursement program for emergency ambulance transport. While the program was approved late last year it takes a considerable amount of work to get the program started. Now the time has come to roll this out and get started! AP Triton and the State will be providing three workshops to bring everyone up to speed on the entire process. These workshops will provide the foundation you will need to get started and be successful in participating in the GEMT program. It is in your best interest to attend these workshops.

This Federal supplemental reimbursement program is best viewed as a Federal Financing program and not an EMS program. This means while the reimbursement is based on EMS services, the cost reporting and reimbursement has very little to do with EMS and healthcare in general. While they are welcome to attend the workshops, there is very little needed from your billing providers to participate in this program. Each of you should already have all of the billing and collection information you need for the cost reporting process as there are only four items that pertain to billing in the entire cost report. However, as a finance program it would be very important to have your CFO or equivalent, a senior chief who has experience with your budget and/or your city finance officer attend one of these training sessions. It may also be very helpful to have the Fire Chief and an elected official attend as many parts of this program will require either a City Council or elected board to consent to enter into the necessary agreements with the state.

Who are we?

AP Triton Consulting is a broad based public safety consulting firm specializing in fire agency and EMS issues. Our firm is led by Fire Chiefs from both large and small fire departments from across the country. In addition to our leadership, our staff has extensive history and background with these types of programs as many came from their states’ Medicaid system. AP Triton staff created the nation’s first ambulance GEMT program and has continued to be the only firm to bring turnkey GEMT programs to numerous other states including Missouri. Our experience has allowed us to create the cost reports, instructions and methodologies that will be directly used for Missouri’s GEMT program (your program).

AP Triton provides full cost reporting services for a modest fee. However, many agencies have found the cost reporting process to be simple enough to complete “in-house” while others choose to use the services of an outside firm to do that work. Unlike other cost reporting providers who will try to “lock you in” to a cost reporting contract before the program has been rolled out we prefer to allow each provider to receive the training, determine if they want to use outside services then contact us to consider contracting for cost reporting services. Our philosophy is we sell our service based on need not fear.

We encourage you to register with our website to receive updates leading up to and after the program has been rolled out. As the cost reports and instructions are completed for the training we will include them on this website for your review. We would ask you to remember that each GEMT program is state specific therefore cost reports used in other states will not crosswalk to Missouri as there are subtle but important differences. We look forward to working with each of you to make this program as simple as possible and are happy to address any questions you may have.
Training locations and dates;

• Jefferson City – Wednesday, May 30 at: Department of Public Safety Bldg (SEMA) at 2302 Militia Dr. Jefferson City, MO

• Kansas City area – Tuesday, June 5th at: Central Jackson County FPD Training Center, 4715 SW US Highway 40, Blue Springs, MO 64015

• St. Louis Area – Wednesday, June 6th at: Eureka FPD Training Center, 18765 Old Highway 66, Pacific, MO 63069

We look forward seeing every for these important dates.

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