Scott A. Clough

Scott A. Clough / Principal / Partner


With over four decades of experience in fire protection, Scott Clough leads a dynamic group of consultants with AP Triton. The organization focuses on addressing a broad range of challenges related to fire safety, public safety, and private sector safety, with excellence as the goal for every client. They are industry leaders, serving clients on a national scale with a solid team of professionals who have the expertise, intellect, and innovative approach to guide clients through the toughest of situations.

In 2014, Scott partnered with Kurt Henke to launch AP Triton. Still active as a leader in the fire service and a successful entrepreneur, Scott envisioned the possibilities of repositioning EMS and ambulance service in the public sector. He knew from his entrepreneurial experiences that if you looked at the service from a business standpoint, you could institute groundbreaking change, taking the service from break-even to a revenue-generating proposition. He then sat down and wrote a skillful and innovative business plan and launched his vision. With exceptional results in the initial program, Scott launched these practices on a national scale, consulting with service leaders in public and private agencies across the country.

Scott leads AP Triton in specialized consulting in emergency medical services, operations planning and preparedness, fire and life safety, wildfire protection planning, and administrative services. In addition, Scott represents AP Triton with distinguished clients in the private sector across various industries, including the San Francisco 49ers, the Carolina Panthers, and Alco Iron and Metals.

Scott’s determined drive for success led him through a successful career with the Los Angeles Fire Department. Ultimately, he took that success to the next level at Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District, where he served as a firefighter / paramedic, before moving into other administrative roles. He was quickly promoted up through the ranks, taking on various roles as an Assistant Chief. Scott rounded out his career as an Assistant Chief of Governmental Affairs, representing the agency on a state and national level, testifying before Congress, and writing legislation to advance the fire service into the future.

In addition to his public service, Scott is a highly successful and accomplished entrepreneur. His unique business acumen has contributed to the founding and building of several successful organizations. Scott continues to actively advocate for the California fire service and has been instrumental in the development and implementation of the next version of GEMT (PP-GEMT IGT).