Who We Serve

At AP Triton, we put our partnerships with our clients above all else. AP Triton has extensive experience with large and small agencies that have all produced tremendous results. AP Triton can take your ideas from inception to reality.

There is no issue too big or too small for the AP Triton team. With decades of experience in public safety and legislative advocacy, AP Triton stands out at the industry leader in helping our clients achieve results.

Below is a comprehensive list of the agencies/jurisdictions that AP Triton, LLC has had the pleasure of working with to-date:

Alameda County Fire Protection District

Brea Fire Department

California Fire Chiefs’ Association

Citygate and Associates

City of Colton/Loma Linda Fire Department

Contra Costa County Fire Protection District

Costa Mesa Fire & Rescue

City of Costa Mesa Fire Department

City of Downey Fire Department

Exeter District Ambulance

City of Fresno Fire Department

Fullerton Fire Department

Hawaii Fire Chiefs’ Association

Idaho Fire Chiefs’ Association


San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District

San Bernardino County Fire Department

City of Santa Monica Fire Department

Huntington Beach Fire Department

Kern County Fire Department

City of Laguna Beach

Milwaukee Fire Department

City of Milwaukee Fire Department

Missouri Association of Fire Chiefs

Missouri Fire Chief’s Association

Central Pierce Fire Protection

San Jose Fire Department

City of San Jose Fire Department

Santa Clara County Fire Chiefs’ Association

Santa Cruz County Fire Chiefs’ Association

Skagit County (WA) Department of Emergency Medical Services

Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue

Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue

State of Washington Fire Chiefs

State of Washington Fire Chiefs’ Association