Consulting Services

With decades of experience in large, urban settings, AP Triton helps bring bold strategies to existing programs.  Through innovation, our clients are able to transform from market followers, to market leaders.

Our consultants offer national level experience and local knowledge to help you succeed in any public or private business environment.  With more insightful perspectives, we help focus your strengths, push your capabilities and innovate for the future.

AP Triton is organized into service areas that power the potential of your organization

Legislative Advocacy –  AP Triton is the national leader on legislative advocacy in the Ambulance transport reimbursement arena.  AP Triton wrote the first national GEMT program and has created over $1 Billion dollars in federal reimbursement for local and county governments.  Currently 7 states have embraced the GEMT program and AP Triton has been involved each step of the way, ensuring our elected partners understand why these programs are vitally important for our communities.

Deployment Studies – At AP Triton, not only do we help create multi-million dollar reimbursement programs, but we ensure that your annual reporting efforts are done in compliance with federal law, at minimal effort to you.  Leave the hassle of doing cost reports to AP Triton.  We wrote the program, so we know exactly what it takes to ensure your annual reporting efforts are done on time, under budget and will maximize your reimbursements for the work your team is already doing.

Special Events & Filming – AP Triton Consultants have decades of experience in large, urban counties and municipalities.  This experience provides a stable foundation for production of large scale special events and filming operations.  All AP Triton certified Fire Safety Officers have many years experience in the business and bring a wealth of knowledge.  With AP Triton Fire Safety Officers, your production will be safe and world class.

Emerging Markets – As the world continues to evolve, so does the business environment.  AP Triton is prepared for these new markets and are uniquely well qualified to help get your plans across the finish line.  AP Triton can help with all of your Fire and Life Safety assessments and, most importantly, will represent you as you go through the planning, permitting, construction and inspection process.  Our goal is to get you up an running as quickly as possible, while maintaining adherence to existing codes and regulations.  Let AP Triton handle the details, giving you more time to focus on the big picture.

Corporate Health & Safety – The long term success of your business is contingent on ensuring that you provide a safe environment for your work to be done. AP Triton has subject matter experts on all facets of Fire and Life Safety and have extensive experience in developing comprehensive safety plans. With AP Triton, you will have industry leading experts guide you through the planning, development and implementation phases of your project. We will be with you every step of the way and can work with local Fire authorities to ensure your project works out just as you intended it to.

“AP Triton changed the way we look at our delivery system.  Their approach opened the door of opportunity for enhanced revenue, greater efficiency and better production…”